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Celestite Crystal Clusters - Song of Stones

Celestite Crystal Clusters

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I was drawn to pick up 2 Celestite Clusters. They completely distracted me from my intended task. I soon realized there was great purpose in that seeming distraction. When you let go of the shoulds and allow yourself to deviate from routine trusting an odd desire to pick up 2 crystals for no particular reason, you enter into a current and are carried by sheer momentum into wonderland. I share this seemingly non-sensical moment, also for a purpose. To reveal something to you about Celestite. This stone being opens a doorway into that which is unexpected ... into that which is seen but not realized and into that which is not usually visible to the naked eye. Celestite will help you to SEE all those things and more. They are a wondrous and magical group of beings and are perfect guides to the Light Guides.

At the time I happened to be seeking understanding about a dream that I had where the "moon was falling". It would turn out that Celestite would be the key to understanding the message of that dream. I didn't know that when I picked up those two Celestite Crystals earlier. This message was not just for me, but for those of you who are to personally connect with these Celestite crystals:

"Celestite is here to guide you [the sensitive ones] into letting go of the “hold” (gravitational force) of those physical energies that have a great effect on you and cause you to react."

As powerful a message as that is in and of itself, they shared even more in a song which I will make available when it's ready.

This listing is for a group of 8 Celestite Crystal Clusters who were singing the most beautiful song. They guided me to them much in the same way as I described just before. There were lots of Celestites there that day but these 8 stood out. There was something a little bit different about them. I didn't know then about the song they would later sing nor that they were Light Guide Crystals.

You will be sent the one Celestite Cluster that is singing for you. They ask that you trust them in choosing you.