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Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix
Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix

Boekenhout Jasper Phoenix

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This Boekenhout Jasper stone holds the energy of grand transformation through a Phoenix that is rebirthing within this stone. What I sense and feel from this stone is the energy of Phoenix. You may see and sense something completely different. This stone has been here for weeks and was suddenly is singing so powerfully to be shown TODAY ... NOW. As I was completing this listing, I realized that there was a fire on our street today. This just emphasizes this stone being's energy of fire. This stone comes forward now for one who is working with the energy of fire and going through a rebirthing ... Transmutation from Fire to Freedom


Boekenhout Jasper Vibrates to the number 5

Spirit Quartz Jasper vibrates to the number 2

Boekenhout vibrates to the master number 44

Boekenhout Jasper is named for the locality in South Africa.  It is a combination of Jasper and Quartz and as well as sharing both their properties, the properties of the Jasper are amplified.  This incredible combination is a newly discovered “GRAND FORMATION”.


The union on these two minerals acts to stimulate memories of those with whom we have had close connections in previous lives.  The Quartz crystals within the Jasper can be likened to arrows of light, guiding us on our path as an integral part of the path of humankind toward enlightenment.  The energy of the structure acts as a well travelled guide, providing the offshoots of knowledge and wisdom required upon the path.  The stone has also been used to evoke memories of yesteryear, so that we can assess our progress and clearly see what actions need to be taken to help us continue easily and enthusiastically toward our goal.  


This stone can help us see outside the self in order to stimulate ease in change and realizing our goals.  The energies of the union of these minerals can help us to synchronize the focus between the outer and inner self so that we can see the total picture and act accordingly.  It can help us too to dispel illusion and delusion.  It is a stone used to promote pride without arrogance, and dignity without egotism, stimulating humility and the understanding that each of us is unique and is exactly where we need to be in our development and inspiring us to continue to grow and advance. 


It provides insight and wisdom by helping us to see and benefit from the “silver lining” in any situation to which the stone is directed.  The structure of the stone has been used to enhance the beauty and the love which we are able to see in our physical reality, allowing us to see the positive.  Psychic abilities have been heightened in the realms of gazing and in the realms of tactile knowing, again providing for seeing the positive aspects.  It has been used to help us to see how “sweet” life really is, increasing our awareness of the refreshing circumstances of our life, while enhancing our taste in the aesthetic, elegant, and artistic.


Boekenhout jasper has been used to prevent imposition from others upon our space and our being.  It is a stone of protection of our state of safety and privacy.  This makes it an ideal stone to carry when travelling, or when away from our homes.  Its energies act to allow us to release control issues and to be able to ask for help when help is necessary and beneficial to the one or to the whole.  This stone has also acted to prevent us from entering a situation which is dangerous or harmful, by allowing us to recognize when danger exists and easily avoid it.  It can act to dispel fear and doubt when we are actively engaged in activities, especially those which are part of our physical reality.


Boekenhout Jasper is an excellent study buddy.  It has been used to stimulate ease in study, helping us to concentrate.  In helps us in speaking of languages and in understanding the slang and the nuances.  It can help us see that life does not have to be difficult and helps us to connect with the insight to answers which we may have concerning both the sacred and mundane areas of our lives and our being.  A stone of both activity and focus, it stimulates excellence in our endeavours, and an ease in  “being in the moment”.  It helps also to promote the desired response in actions taken in our life and in healing situations.  Boekenhout Jasper has been used to inspire altruistic pursuits, pampering by the self and by others, and democratic actions and behaviour (excellent for negotiations), advancing the concepts of equality of the self and of others.


It has been used to promote high energy in the physical realm, helping us to balance incoming and outgoing energy.  It allows us to recognize that the universal energy which is available to us is always available and in abundant supply.  It can help us in the conservation and balancing of our finances.  It has been called a “stone of luxury”, bringing us the luxury of peace and tranquillity.


A stone of tradition, it has been used to further our knowledge of ancient traditions and methods of healing.  It is said that the crystals within the jasper were used in the ancient healing ceremonies of Lemuria and retain the records of this knowledge.  Research continues with respect to the techniques.


The elemental energies have welcomed the user to go within the stone and to make the safe harbor of the innermost heart of the stone a home of Peace, Patience, and Paradise.  The stone tends to bestow the awareness of paradise which reigns within ones being and which can easily be manifested into paradise of our reality.  It can help discontinue negativity within ourselves and our environment.


It is a stone of romance, helping us to accept, appreciate and acknowledge it, while reducing control issues and maintaining our individuality.  Romance stimulated by these energies act to stimulate understanding that the couple (and or the group) is indeed one, and yet two (or more), teaching us the importance of working together and being together in decision making and in actions.


This stone can help activate the chakras from the base to the crown, with graceful stimulation of the third chakra to promote understanding of the activation.  It has also been used to open and cleanse all of the chakras.  Activation of the chakras begin the rise of the kundalini, and the placement of the stone upon any location where the kundalini appears to be trapped, has furthered its continued movement.



Jasper Vibrates to the number 5 and is the astrological sign of Leo - Elemental. Jasper is a form of Chalcedony and shares its qualities. It is known as the “supreme nurturer”. It reminds us that we are here on this physical plane, not just for ourselves, but to bring joy and substance to others. It is conducive to awareness and to allowing us to celebrate situations of isolation. It helps us to realize that we are always remembered by others. It is an intensely protective stone and helps us to be grounded to the stabilizing energies of the Earth. It is a sustaining stone and is quite helpful when our energy is low. (It can be helpful on a long fast). Jasper can be used to align the energy of the chakras. It balances the yin-yang energies and balances the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies with the etheric energies. It stabilizes the aura, providing for a cleansing and smoothing effect. It holds an aspect of solar energy and a connection to the solar plexus chakra. The ancients revered jasper as sacred, protective and as a facilitator of safe astral travel. It has also been used for dowsing. Jasper was often worn by Shamen to provide protection.It was considered a sacred stone to the Native American Indians. It has been worn and used by priests and kings. It is said to have been used in the breast plate of the high priest.



My supplier told me about this wonderful new stone and its incredible properties, but I was not prepared for its extraordinary effects.  When I held this stone for the first time, I felt a wash of peace come over me.  A quiet surrounded me.  All other noises ceased.  It was like being in a cave or a protective cocoon.  I wonder if this sensation is similar to the womb experience.  I carried this stone with me everywhere.  I had an incredible past life memory recall while working with it.  It was an incredible healing experience.  I do not suggest you will have the same experience.  I only share mine with you.


This Boekenhout Jasper Bird Stone is approx. 1"