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Blue-Rose 3 Point Heart Activation Star Song
Blue-Rose 3 Point Heart Activation Star Song
Blue-Rose 3 Point Heart Activation Star Song

Blue-Rose 3 Point Heart Activation Star Song

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Blue_Rose 3 Point Heart Activation

Three Blue Rose Crystals came together to offer a powerful heart activation. They showed us how to expand our hearts while sifting out any stagnant energy and old toxic patterns. 

This experience brought us into alignment with our heart and our crown. They showed us that the divine grace of an expansive heart comes from within and we can tap into it anytime we wish.

The message that we received was that the re-activation we received would stay with us forever. 

The energy of these crystals was so expansive, so powerful and so beautifully transformative that I was inspired to offer another opportunity to experience the magic of these crystals.

This time through a Star Song.



What is a Star Song

Simple, ordinary water (if you can call water ordinary) and a crystal(s) sing together and that harmony creates something that is beyond the sum of their parts. The Star Song is sent over distance to anywhere in the world. Think of it a little like Crystal Elixir meets Distance Energy Healing--but even more magical.

During the co-creation of this essence, Angels (and perhaps other mystical guides) are present--depending on who the Star Song is for. It is a soul guided collaboration, so a person's personal angels or other spirit helpers may be part of the creation as well.

The crystals fill the water here with their transformational energy and that vibration is instantly communicated to your body--because the water here is the same as the water in your body. It is like receiving an instant transfusion of healing energy.

Star Song Circles

Star Songs are distance crystal elixirs which offer a way to connect with the crystals in a very deep and soulful way. Co-creating these essences in a circle with other like-hearted souls, further deepens the connection.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Star Songs


The Blue Rose 3-point Heart Activation Star Song comes into presence on Sunday May 26th and will be in presence for 24 hours (or as guided). I will send you a message when the Star Song has come into presence and when it is complete.