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Blue Dragon Egg Crystals - Song of Stones

Blue Dragon Egg Crystals

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You have dared venture into a magical space reserved only for those who have a deep and sacred trust of the hidden magic in this world.  STOP NOW AND READ NO FURTHER if you are not ready to step into the darkness of the inner realms.  There the only light you'll find is your own.  So if you are to see ... truly see ... then you must allow your light to shine in all its power so that it may guide your way.

I have written these words and only now do I realize that EVEN I was not ready to venture forth into this magical realm.  My way was barred by the fairy guardians.  I have been hearing the sparkle of their laughter as I tried over and over to reclaim the lost pages of this listing.  Not once .. not twice ... but thrice this listing has been created and erased by their mischievous spirit.  I can only join in their laughter at my insistence in trying to control this offering.  When one ventures into the magical realm and plays with the magical creatures which dwell therein, one must trust fully and with a completely open heart.  I AM READY.  I TRUST.  I AM OPEN.

More about the Dragon Egg Crystals

As I usually do, I took lots of wonderful pictures of these beautiful stone beings and I posted several of each of the crystals. It seems that I am being asked to trust even deeper here ... not just in myself, but in you as well. I am to trust that the eggs will find their way home in a simpler way. I am to trust that you do not need to see a picture to know in your heart if you are to become guardian to a dragon egg fairy baby. I am to trust that each of the 13 egg crystals which are awaiting homes will find their way ... they will actually GUIDE the way. The fee was also guided.

A special song came through this magical connection and will be included with your Dragon Egg.

You will receive 1 Dragon Egg Crystal. We will listen for the one who is singing for you. You will also receive the Dragon Egg Song these mystical beings shared through an e-book that will be sent to you when you place your order.