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Blue Apatite Crystals - Song of Stones

Blue Apatite Crystals

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Apatite has been singing its song to me in hamony with a Lemurian Song. It seems to have a connection to the Lemurians. Could it be a Lemurian Crystal? These Blue Apatite crystals are in their raw crystalline form. This is an amazing price for these large chunky crystals which are rarely seen. These Blue Apatite crystals have a colour unique to them. Theirs is a beautiful energy ... a soft emanation that is mirrored in it's gentle shimmer.

Apatite vibrates to the number 9 and is the astrological sign of Gemini. Apatite can be used to stimulate the intellect and to help us realize that we gain strength through spiritual paths and through love, which helps us to have a positive attitude and feel connected. Apatite is a stone which ‘enhances coming to results’. This makes it an excellent crystal to use when working with other crystals. Apatite is related to service and to the development of humanitarian pursuits. It is attuned to healing, storing information, communicating, balancing energy, and teaching. It can help us to recognize and experience information which can be used individually and collectively. It can be used as a bridge between mind and matter, helping us to use our insight and powers of manifestation practically. It is useful in the expansion of knowledge and the disclosure of ‘truth to freedom’. It helps to balance the emotional, intellectual, physical and etheric bodies. It can eliminate overactivity, under-activity, blockage or congestion from any of the chakras.

These crystals are approx. 1-1/2" to 3-3/4". I will listen for the blue Apatite crystal who is singing for you.