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Black Mica Blades - Song of Stones

Black Mica Blades

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Mica is a magical being! These Black Mica Blades are elegant, sleek, highly reflective . They have incredibly complex charachteristics. They are at once soft and sharp ... I mean really. I was playing with them and they pierced my skin with rapid ease. So please handle them carefully. This sharp, cutting quality - which may be why they are known as "BLADES", make them perfect in offering us support in cutting the ties that bind us to those things we fear. They help us to sever attachments and free ourselves up. Their reflective quality help us to see those things that we try to hide at the deepest innermost spaces - the same spaces our fears lie. As pieces of them so easily flake away, they show us how easily we can release those parts of ourselves that are ready to be freed. And releasing those pieces don't affect our physical being. We are still whole and complete, as they are.

Mica vibrates to the number 8 and is the astrological sign of Aquarius. This mineral's reflective qualities help us to recognize the flaws in others, yet continue to feel love for them. It will also allow you to recognize in others those traits that you wish to change within yourself and to help you to make those changes. Mica can help one to look at a situation in complete detail, magnifying those aspects of importance. It provides for growth in all areas of pursuit. It can be used to diminish anger, tantrums and nervous energy. It can be used to facilitate clarity in visions and mysticism.

I will listen for the Black Mica Blade who is singing for you.