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Black and White Stone Trio

Black and White Stone Trio

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A very special trio of crystals found their way together in vivid contrast. They came to sing a special song of light. The magic they create in coming together in this way moved me at a very deep place. Their energy and the message they carry is powerful.

There are 1 each Obsidian/Apache Tear (dark but translucent), Selenite (transparent/translucent) and Suleimann (opaque black and white colored stones). They come with a Shimmery Hemp/Silk Medicine Pouch. In this listing, these are the actual Stones that will be sent. The stones in the pictures below are samples only. They are there to show the pouch.

There is no clearer contrast than Black and White ... Dark and Light.

Black and White/Dark and Light helps us to see things clearly ... to see the edges and borders and boundaries. This helps us to see what needs to be seen ... to put what is important into greater focus.

When we are clear on what is important, we can have greater focus of our intentions and accomplish those things that need to be done. It sounds simple, but often we are greatly influenced by the frantic activity and loud noises of our very busy world.

The shimmer of the silk of the pouch travels the same path as the light in the Selenite. You can only see this light when you hold it in a particular direction, but it is there. When you look closely into the light, you will see the blue of creation. It is subtle, but it grows stronger in intensity once it is seen.


I listened to these stones as a group and a song (message) emerged. It came through on the 20th of June and continued to emerge through the weekend. I realized afterward that I began to hear the song at the start of the Summer Solstice and, of course, there was a wonderful connection to this special event. I will include a copy of this song with your stones.


These stones were singing again to me at a time I needed clarity and focus. I didn't realize that's what I needed until after I had them in my hands and received their blessing. If you would like to receive it as well, click on the play button below: