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Ancient Mammoth Tusk Ivory - Song of Stones

Ancient Mammoth Tusk Ivory

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During a visit to the West Coast, I came upon a wonderful craftsperson who has worked with the ancient energy of Mammoth and Ammolite for 25 years. He happened to have some natural rough pieces and I chose a few to share with you. I'd been looking for natural raw Mammoth Tusk Fossils for some time. The spirit of Mammoth had been an important presence here recently and it is quite a magical energy. Their energy came to me in a dream with a message about communication. The Mammoth Ivory fossils are about connecting to the ancient energy and wisdom of those who walked our earth tens of thousands of years before us.

These raw pieces of ancient crystallized bone are approx. 1/2" to 1-3/4". I'll listen for the Woolly Mammoth fossil piece who is singing for you.