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Anatase Crystals

Anatase Crystals

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These natural Anatase Crystals from Diamantina, Brazil are a wonderfully rare find. They are tiny in physical size, but gigantic in their presence. Some of the most powerful stones in this world are tiny ... think of Diamonds. These double terminated bi-pyramidal crystals have an almost metallic like shimmer. If the light catches them just so ... some have an iridescent flash that may make you do a double take. Their elegant geometric form has me marvel at Gaia's earthly designs.

Anatase is one of the 3 mineral forms of Titanium Dioxide, the other two being Brookite and Rutile. Anatase is the rarer of the three. So basically, they are all different manifestations of ONE ELEMENT! I think this is extremely profound. This crystal clearly demonstrates the concept of ONENESS. It is a gift to see how one being can take 3 different forms. It helps us to imagine how in a world with a unfathomable amount of physically different life forms, we are at our essence ... the SAME!

The three forms of Titanium Dioxide came together in song ....

Three as One

I will listen for the Anatase Crystal who is singing for you.