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Ahriel - Song of Stones


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There are some crystals who touch you in a way that is unforgettable. Bustamite is one of those stones. The energy of this special stone being is so powerful that once you experience it you NEVER forget it. Yet it is so subtle in the way it sneaks into your heart. You don't notice it at first ... but once you feel that presence, you only know that you never want to be without that beautifully loving energy. We have our ideas and opinions as to what beauty looks like. Bustamite is what beauty feels like.

Bustamite is that soft fleshy toned mineral that joins it's popular matrix mate Sugilite. Sugilite takes center stage in that duet as Bustamite silently supports and enhances it's lime lighted companion. What is not known is that without that constant support Bustamite offers in their delightful dance, a light would be diminished. That loss might not be noticed but it would be felt. Bustamite does not need to be center stage and can offer it's loving support to to those of us who feel lost in the shadows, afraid to light our way from within.  This is the mother energy - we all have that within us ... man or woman - we carry her.  What we also have within us all is the Star. That inner STAR may not be in center stage.  She may not need to be.  That doesn't mean she isn't as powerful a light as those who shine outwardly. Bustamite comes to affirm that ... to celebrate us wherever we stand on the stage of life. Bustamite reminds us that ALL roles are leading roles and ALL OF US ARE STARS

Bustamite is a powerful stone for energy work. It is truly a stone for the new age. Bustamite is a powerful stone for initiation, movement and stabilization of energy. It is a wonderful stone to clear and activate the heart chakra. It can inspire a state of calm during stressful times. Used in meditation, it provides one with both a safe and sacred place where the soul is honoured and where the inner being can feel the perfection of health, harmony and the congruity of the universe. Bustamite is conducive to the dream state and stimulates the sate of awareness during dream time, cultivating the dream state as a vehicle for meditation. It also provides for access to angelic beings in the purity of the light. Bustamite has this unique quality where it can show us how to be physically present without being emotionally attached. And then it can also show us how to be intellectual or emotional aware while still enjoying the meditative state. It can also help us to tap into the strength needed to remove ourselves from non-productive or unpleasant physical situations.

This raw Bustamite stone is approx. 1-7/8" x -1-1/8".

She is Ahriel