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Agate Swirls Living Labyrinths - Song of Stones

Agate Swirls Living Labyrinths

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These raw natural Agate Swirls come from Brazil. They are also known as Agate Flowers and I believe I've heard them called Agate Galaxies. To me, these swirling formations are natural living labyrinths which can take you deep into a magical realm, accessible only through an inner journey. I've always been fascinated by these magical formations, especially because of their sparkle.

Agate vibrates to the number 7 and is the astrological sign of Gemini - Elemental. Agate is a form of Chalcedony and shares its properties. Agate is an incredible stone. It is believed to have been among man's earliest possessions. Egyptians were mining Agate as early as 3500 B.C. In Historic times, agate was placed in water for use in cooking and for drinking in order to dispel sickness. Agate is a balancing stone. It assists in looking at oneself and ones circumstances concerning ones well being. Inspires perceptiveness to situations, awakening ones inherent talents and adroitness. It can produce angelic/spiritual inspiration.

Chalcedony vibrates to 9 and is the Elemental Astrological signs of Cancer and Sagittarius. Chalcedony balances the energy of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is a stone to encourage "brotherhood" among all, symbolizing benevolence and good will, stemming from the stone's nurturing energy. It alleviates hostilities, irritability and melancholy. It enhances generosity, responsiveness and receptivity. Chalcedony was used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians to promote stability within the ceremonial activities of the tribe.

These living labyrinth stones vary in size from approx. 1" to 2-1/4". I will listen for the Agate Swirl who is singing for you.