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Accepting the Light ebook - Song of Stones

Accepting the Light ebook

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One day, while I was deep in listening, a special group of Tibetan Quartz Crystals made their presence known to me (25 of them). They were "volunteering". I came to understand that this special group had come forward to help me to learn more about "listening" to the stone beings and to trust what came through. They showed me also through the song that they shared, the true meaning of value ... they showed me how to release judgement and to value myself. After each of the 25 crystals shared their song, another song emerged. It was one that seemed to have been created by the combination of all of the other songs ... one that came through as a result of the others ... the ripple effect of the synchronicity of moving in the harmony of inspiration. It was a song of breaking patterns ... I share their 2 part song with you here: "Accepting the Light".