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111 trios - 3 Pillars of Transmutation

111 trios - 3 Pillars of Transmutation

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A trio of crystals came together to sing a song of supporting the transmutation of DNA in alignment with the new universal vibration. These stone beings have come together in this pattern combination for a specific purpose. You will know if these crystals are for you. They will call to you very powerfully and irrisistibly. Trust that. You and they have something magical to co-create.

There is a Tara Blue Quartz Crystal symbolizing the life blood that nourishes our bodies.

There is a Chinese Red Quartz Crystal symbolizing the transformation of colour from blue to red when blood spills from our bodies and is exposed to oxygen.

There is a milky Titanium Gas Phantom Quartz Crystal which symbolizes the mysterious mist of creation. This is the colour of embryonic fluid that surrounds and nourishes a gestating new life form - a new creation.

Together the red/white/blue are colours of freedom and democracy - the colours of a new world.

These crystals are approx. 1-1/2"

I will listen for the 111 trio who is singing for you.