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When the yellow ray manifests in crystal form, it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this bright, energizing colour.

Yellow is the third major energy center of the body. The solar plexus chakra. It is the ray of sunshine, the sun center of the being, representing the core of our individuality. Yellow is a bright colour with great power and strength. It is energizing and stimulating. Yellow is uplifting, bringing optimism and good cheer. Yellow is associated with knowledge and the sharing of it and with the function of intellect and thought. Yellow is creativity and understanding. It is practical thought. It is inspiration and it can be wisdom (wisdom acquired through learning and thought). It is the colour of invention and innovative thought.



When the gold ray manifests in crystal form, it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this regal colour.

Gold contains one part Red to two parts Yellow. Gold is the colour of wisdom and warmth, deep insights and profound joy.  It is the colour of sunshine and the galaxy of heavenly bodies of planets and stars.  Gold is a sign of peace, security and prosperity as well as power and strength.  Gold is recognized beyond the material level, as the wealth of spirit, the colour of hidden knowledge and wisdom. Gold is a sign of consistency and commitment. It is associated with royal qualities of judgment, justice and balance. Gold can be the protection from all things negative. It is a dense vibrational colour.  It is heavy as gold is heavy. It is a shield, and sometimes, a mask. It keeps those wrapped safely in its colour free from all negativity, all harm, all etheric tampering, all meddlesome vibrations. The alchemists sought to master the hidden powers which determine the forms of matter to change base mentals to Gold (the Philosopher's Stone), which is incorruptible and permanent. The true process of alchemy is one of spiritual seeking and growth; the transmutation of negativity and the integration of our own true quality.


Reference:  Healing with Color: An experience of Aura-Soma, Philippa Merivale; New Cosmic Crystals, R.A. Bonewitz