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When the red ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this powerful colour.

Red is the first or base chakra.  It is the warmest end of the spectrum and the slowest of all the wavelengths within the visible spectrum, yet it is also the most stimulating.  Red is the ray of strength.  It provides wearers the key to greater courage when the vibration of red flows freely within.  Red is about energy.  Red is very powerful, dynamic and physical in its impact.  It connects us with the energy of the earth.  Red, above all other colours is associated with the material world.  The Red energy is primarily masculine.  It is dynamic, outgoing, dominant.  But sometimes it is associated with the feminine mothering energy of the earth, the life blood of the world.  Red is connected to passion, be it emotional, physical or spiritual.  It is the energy of love in many forms.  The Red ray is the blood of the planet.  It holds our feet upon the ground and tunes our own energy field into the ley line energetic system of the earth, supplying us with life, with positive and negative power.  The red energy enables us to materialize our thoughts and emotions, and even our will, through our hands and our feet.  Red is neutral; it simply reflects how things are.


The pink tones are the softer more feminine emanations of the red ray. They are always seen in connection to love and gentleness.


Reference:  Healing with Color: An experience of Aura-Soma, Philippa Merivale; New Cosmic Crystals, R.A. Bonewitz