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When the orange ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this warm colour.

Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra, the second energy center.  Orange combines the physical, earthly energy and the vitality of the Red with the prana or chi energy of Yellow.  It is near the lower end of the spectrum and is a colour of great warmth.  Orange has been known to physically make people feel warm.  Orange is the expression of optimism and joy.  It is associated with the positive nurturing of ourselves which leads to spiritual and emotional development, as well as the physical.  Insights we receive in Orange are found through the deepest gut wisdom.  Orange is balance, equilibrium, strength, sustenance, and physical growth.  It contains the possibility for fiery transformation on several levels.  Orange is the colour of sunsets - of endings which make way for new beginnings.  Orange is the colour of enormous vitality and strength.  It has a great intensity and power.  It is very stimulating.  Orange is a shocking colour.  It can dazzle and stimulate.  Orange carries the most unexpected possibility, a relationship with machinery which renders it a most useful resource when the car or computer refuses to start.


When the coral ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this love wisdom colour.

Peach/Coral consists primarily of the red energy. It contains two parts red to one part yellow. Called the love wisdom ray, it combines the love energy of red/pink with the wisdom energy of yellow/gold. Peach/Coral is a ray of deep warmth and tenderness, of generosity and sometimes of a fresh, childlike spontaneity which is purely instinctive. The wisdom and caring in the Peach/Coral creates an atmosphere in which it feels safe at last to re-examine these painful situations which have long been kept under lock and key. Peach/Coral is a ray of great intensity and a source of great strength. It is powerfully protective and highly sensitive. It is a subtle and powerful energy. It can be used to amplify and strengthen our intention, our heart power and our thought power. It can be looked at as a battery for spiritual energy, power, illumination and knowledge. Peach/Coral can be used to calm the mind that is fighting between the masculine and feminine part of its own nature. It is the compromise, it is the harmonizer; blending the two energies. It brings thought into feeling and reason into intuition.  It is a concentration of energy.  It is a colour of balance, of peace, of harmony and of energy and strength. It is a mixture of rhythm, harmony and nature.  Peach/Coral enables us to develop intuition to a fine degree of tuning where it is possible to achieve heightened states of awareness which are experienced as bliss and ecstasy. A feeling of total joy and participation in the unity of creation. Peach/Coral has a deep link with the past, making it possible for us to connect with the deep wisdom of the ancient past and to bring it through in a way which is useful for the present time and for the future.


Reference:  Healing with Color: An experience of Aura-Soma, Philippa Merivale; New Cosmic Crystals, R.A. Bonewitz