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The Magical BOSS

Business of Spiritual Soulpreneurs (BOSS)

A community of like hearted soul practitioners of magical businesses who are are deeply creative but most productive when we have a circle of support from other Soulpreneurs - who get who we are and what we do. We enjoy working on our own but we sometimes get distracted by the very magic of what we do. Our magic entices us to stay a little longer in that place where our creativity originates not allowing us to finish one thing before two new things pop into our hearts. This is where the grounding and wisdom of a community of soul sisters can be of immense help to bring our creations into physical manifestation so we can share our gifts out into the world.



We guide and support and inspire and laugh and cry and share and listen ... but first and foremost we work ... together. There is a great motivational power that comes from working in synchronicity with a circle of kindred spirits.


We are Family

This is an intimate circle with a limited number of spaces available. We sensitive souls get overwhelmed by the energy of large communities. We thrive best in small groups and in a gentle, warm and caring atmosphere. We are working towards building a cozy committed community of deeply sensitive, open hearted, ethical, magical, soul sisters who come together to grow our business in kindness, compassion, love and respect for each other and for the world.


What to Expect

3 Two Hour Work Circles per week

New Moon Magical Message

Full Moon Directional Alignment

Business Book Club

Guided Meditations

Monthly Distance Crystal Healing for your Business

Private Facebook Group



I created this community because as a super sensitive soul, there were times when I felt very isolated. Though I enjoyed working alone, I became easily distracted from my purpose. I searched for a long time for a group that I could join that would help me in my business but which was deeply spiritual. There were a lot of large business communities out there but I felt myself getting lost in the fast pace and the highway of posts, not finding deep, personal connections nor genuine friendships. I've known for some time that if I wanted to find this magical "boss' " community, I would have to create it myself.



I’m so glad I did this. I feel unblocked, in the zone. In that one hour I got more done than in 3 hours of trying to focus on my own. -- Elizabeth, Canada


This is the introductory cost for a one month membership when you commit to three months in the community. Our months are based on a moon cycle and we bill on each new moon. We will begin in May (dates to follow). In the meantime, if you already know this is the community for you, then you may go ahead and pay for the first month and that will ensure you have a spot when we launch and lock you into the introductory price for the first 3 months.