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When the green ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this heart colour.

Green is the very center, the heart center. It is the fourth chakra. It is where the Blue from above, which represents Divine will, comes together in equal balance with the Yellow of the individual will from below. It is the combination of heavenly and the earthly energies. It is the colour of love freely given, the expression of our hearts. It is the communication of our thoughts, our feelings and our deeds. Green has a close association with the Pink energy of love and compassion, offering a space whereby the loving quality of the Pink may find expression. Green is love expressed rather than contained. It can help us to make decisions from the heart. Green is the heart and the reflection of our heart in nature. It provides sustenance and growth, life and balance.

Green is the acknowledgement of our need for the sea, for water, for air which we breathe and the creatures and plants which nourish us. Green provides nourishment for the body, the spirit, and the heart. Green represents the world. It represents shared space in which each may participate offering the gift of the unique quality and talent which is their individual self. It is nature and the love of nature. Green symbolizes the ideals of those committed to ecological activity, our recognition of our responsibility to care for all of these as they care for us. Green offers the opportunity to connect with the earth which offers limitless expanse and freedom. The association of Green with nature gives it a quality of peaceful calm, as well as space. Some Hospitals and prisons paint the walls green, which induces peace and calm acceptance, and creates the illusion of space.

Green is truth, balance, direction, and space.  It is harmony and harmonisers. It is faith, hope, acceptance, and trust. The planet Saturn is also associated with Green, and is the planet known as Cronos, or Old Father Time.


Reference:  Healing with Color: An experience of Aura-Soma, Philippa Merivale; New Cosmic Crystals, R.A. Bonewitz