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The light spectrum emitted from a beeswax candle is the closest of all waxes to natural sunshine. Beeswax Candles emit negative ions which clean the air by neutralizing pollutants and toxins.

I'd been looking for natural candles for some time.  I tried the soy and other vegetable wax candles but they just did not have the energy I was seeking when I lit a candle - so I just didn't use them.  When I needed a soft light for meditation or ambience, I would burn olive oil, which is very nice ... but there are times that I just simply wanted to light a candle.  Then I found these wonderful gems.  Yes, they are treasures.  They had that very thing that I'd been looking for, but didn't realize I was looking for.   They have a lovely natural honey scent and beautiful texture and appearance ... but what I'd been looking for was more subtle ... it was the energy of golden light.  I can give you lots of practical reasons for burning beeswax candles, but these are reasons for the mind.  The Soul knows what it wants and my soul wanted this energy of golden light.  I've seen beeswax candles before, but I've never been more drawn to the candles as I was now.  My sense is that the love and devotion that this artist puts into making the candles contributes to the candle's energy.  It's like how the meal that is made for one's family with love tastes much better and may even be more nourishing than the one that is mass produced - even if the ingredients are the same.  Can it be proven ... perhaps not, but I don't believe it can be denied.


Beeswax all natural candle wax - the only all natural.  It's a sustainable and renewable resource.  Beeswax candles burn cleaner, brighter, hotter and longer than other candles.  When natural golden beeswax burns it gives off a soft glow and sweetens the room with its natural scent.  The light spectrum emitted from a beeswax candle is the closest of all waxes to natural sunshine.  Beeswax candles burn cleanly, don't drip when properly used, and have long burn times, making them economical as well.  

Many people are allergic to the toxic waxes and artificial fragrances common in todays candles.  Beeswax is non-allergenic and is a natural air cleaner, recommended by the American Lung Association.   It's the best choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.  Be sure that the candles you buy are 100% beeswax - some countries allow as little as 10% beeswax in candles labeled as "beeswax".


There is lots of information out there that claims Beeswax Candles emit negative ions which are said to clean the air by neutralizing pollutants and toxins.  Some say there is scientific proof of this, but I have not found any specific scientific documents to this effect.  I did find an interesting article in Alive Magazine written by an entomologist.  Here's an excerpt from the article:

Burning beeswax produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants, in much the same way that a magnet attracts iron filings. Dust, odours, moulds, bacteria, viruses and other toxins are captured and neutralized. Beeswax actually cleans your air! 

You can burn beeswax candles in an unventilated room without fear of pollution. In fact, many people report that burning a candle in the bedroom for 30 minutes or so before falling asleep produces a more restful sleep. 

Paraffin, on the other hand, is a petroleum waste product, made from the sludge left over from the gasoline and petrochemical refining process. Paraffin produces no negative ions and so adds to the pollutants in your home. People with respiratory problems should not use paraffin candles, nor should people who do not want to develop such problems.

Here's the full Article:

Bountiful Beeswax by Bill Reno


All usual precautions that pertain to fire also pertain to burning candles: never leave a candle burning when no one is in the room; do not burn candles near drapes or other combustible materials

Keep the wick of your candles trimmed to 1/4"-1/2"

Allow the melted pool of pillars to reach the edge of the candle each time you burn it, about an hour per inch of diameter. This way you won't have to try to fold unmelted wax down from the sides and the pillar won't burn down the middle. You'll be starting off with the equivalent of a new (but shorter) candle each time.

If your candle will be lit for only a short time, use a taper, votive or tealight

Drafts cause flickering of the flame, which can result in uneven burning or dripping

Put out pillar flames by dipping the wick into the melted pool and then straightening (a paper clip is a handy tool).

 Use a snuffer for tapers

If you don't like the natural bloom that develops on beeswax, simply rub your candles with your hand - the warmth will polish off the bloom

Put a tiny bit of water in the bottom of your glass tealight cups - makes removing the last vestiges of wax easy