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When the Blue ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this colour of communication.

Blue is the colour of the fifth main chakra which is the area of the throat. The Blue is the colour of the sky and is also the colour we associate with Heaven. Blue is the colour of divinity, communication and the deepest possible peace. This colour connects us with the Divine Blueprint. Blue is a colour which gives great protection in a way similar to the film of Blue which surrounds the earth and protects its surface. Blue enables us to find a sense of trust and faith. It is the colour of the celestial universal mother; a guiding energy. But it also contains the male element. There is a strong association in the Blue with the masculine both in the earthly and spiritual sense. Blue is at the calming and cooling end of the spectrum.  It cools the fires of the heart as well as the fires of the body.  Blue is the colour of speech and the colour of listening. It is the colour of hearing and knowing. Blue is the central colour of communication. Inspiration sometimes comes to us out of the blue. Blue is about relating the whole of the way we express ourselves in relation to our thinking. It is the way in which we process our thoughts and make them available both to ourselves and others.



When the indigo ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this third eye chakra colour of vision.

Royal Blue Royal Blue contains two parts Blue to one part Red. The addition of the Reds earth energy into the Blue symbolizes the beginning of grounding the heavenly energy.   Royal Blue is the colour of the sky as the day moves toward the night, when we see the stars, which in the day are hidden from our senses. It relates to the sixth energy center, the brow chakra. This contains many of the sensory organs:  the eyes, the ears, the nose (which has a relationship to the sense of taste). It relates to seeing and hearing, and experiencing.  The sixth chakra is the sixth sense. It is connected to the third eye, and to the facilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. The Royal Blue is the door through to the unconscious. It is associated with meditation, and with mysticism in its most profound form.  Royal Blue brings clarity to the sense organs. Our senses become finer at night time. It is then that we are more likely to connect with the higher mind functions, letting go of the purely physical senses and seeing what is behind the everyday  to a new level of understanding.

Royal Blue helps us in the deepest communication: the relationship with the entirety of creation, and also with the different aspects of ourselves.The bridge which links the two hemispheres of the brain is associated with Royal Blue. It is empowering for the intuitive creative aspect of the being. This Royal Blue bridge is helpful for those making a transition. Royal Blue offers deep change through transmutation. It helps the memory, both long term and short term. At a deeper level it helps in the remembering and the understanding of why we are here.  Royal Blue is associated with Kings and kingliness. It is the colour associated with the royalty and authority, which has its origin in spiritual rather than earthy potency.



When the turquoise ray manifests in crystal form it combines the properties of the crystal with the energy of this colour of expression.

Turquoise is between the heart and the throat centers and contains more Blue than Yellow.  It is where the heart moves toward the Blue of the throat in order to communicate its message. Turquoise is the colour of emotion, of feeling, expressed through word, through silence, through thought, through all forms of communication. It has an association with teaching; with the feeling behind the words with are spoken. Turquoise is the colour of the inner teacher within ourselves. Turquoise has a calming effect and may be used to ease those people who find it difficult to air their heart.

Turquoise has a transdimensional quality. It connects us with the oceanic universal consciousness symbolized by the sea, enabling us to move from the conscious dimension into the unconscious one. The Dolphin is the most powerful symbol of the Turquoise energy.  Their communication is wide, telepathic and very much based in the feeling.  It is also the colour of the connection with other realms, such as those of the angels and the devas, and with beings from outer space. The colour Turquoise is associated with the sea and the ancient civilizations, particularly Atlantis and Lemuria. It is also found frequently among the ethnic cultures, in their pottery and in sand paintings. The gemstone Turquoise was recognized in Egyptian times and more recently, in the Native American cultures, as a powerfully healing stone. Turquoise (along with Magenta) is referred to as one of the New Age rays. It is a colour associated with Aquarius, the water bearer, the astrological sign of the new Aeon. Turquoise has only recently come to man's consciousness and represents a newly awakening chakra, just above and to the right of the heart.

Turquoise carries within it a reminder that everything is interconnected. We need to take responsibility for the quality of our thoughts as well as of our conscious communication; what we receive as well as what we project. (If we stop giving energy to gossip and bad news then it would have nothing to feed on).


Reference:  Healing with Color: An experience of Aura-Soma, Philippa Merivale; New Cosmic Crystals, R.A. Bonewitz