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Materializing Money with Crystals


A special circle of

ancient wise stone beings

come forward to guide you out of

a cycle of stressing

over one money matter after another

and into creating

new patterns of peacefulness and prosperity.


This journey is for you if ...

You are a super sensitive, big hearted, crystal loving empath who gives all that you have and rarely asks for anything for yourself. Your gifts and generous nature are bringing healing and light and wisdom into the world, yet you struggle to give yourself and your family even the basics. 

You find yourself stuck in a pattern where money flows out faster than it flows in and you have not yet fully realized your full and true value and worth to the Universe.

You already know how to do it ... 

The truth is you already know how to materialize money. You've been using your power of materialization in your healing and your spiritual practices. You just need to learn how to use your heavenly healing touch on the physical material level. The crystals and I are going to show you how to take your natural, creative abilities to a higher level

Bonus Power Boost

As you bring your physical life into balance and feel more financial ease, you may just notice a power boost in your healing abilities as well. 


Crystal Whisperer

I am Smadar, crystal whisperer. I hear the song of stones and bring through their messages. Over the many years of journeying with them, the crystals have shown me how to tap into the healing part of myself and open my heart to things I once never believed were possible. Now they are sharing ancient techniques on how to change my relationship with money and shift out of financial imbalance. I have only just begun to materialize money but already my business has picked up, I received 2 unexpected cheques, and a gift of a diamond ring and a designer wallet. The last one had me smiling. How clear can the universe get by sending me a wallet to put in the money that’s coming. 

Ripples of prosperity

One of my clients even experienced this money magic as a ripple of what's happening here. She wanted so much to adopt a crystal that was singing to her so powerfully. She asked me if she could make 4 payments and over the next few months - but a couple of unexpected cheques came through and within a couple of weeks she had made all her payments.

You are invited

These magical crystals have inspired me to invite you on this journey with me. I have gathered your crystals, listened for wisdom and received mantras and meditations. I will guide you through the practice that the crystals shared with me.

if you also find yourself stuck in a pattern where money flows out faster than it flows in - or if you have not yet fully realized your full and true value and worth to the Universe. Here's what you can expect to experience ... 




By the end of the journey, you will not only have the tools to materialize money but the energetic experience of financial well being.

• Magical crystals gently, but powerfully cocoon you in a field of loving support, vibrating the energy that millionaires tap into naturally.

• The crystals share messages that bring awareness of old patterns which keep you stuck in poverty consciousness

daily meditation and mantra specially formulated to create patterns of prosperity.

• Simple practices that solidify/ground you into this new state of wealth consciousness.

 A Live Zoom Call where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

• Lifetime access to Private Facebook group where you are supported by like hearted spiritual souls who are also struggling with bills and basics.

• Access to all the recordings and materials that are offered in this journey, including downloads of the meditations.


click here to join our journey


Blessings for joy, love, well being and prosperity