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Magic is Awakening




There are so many magical energies in our universe that move through us and affect us that we have no clue even exist. As magic awakens within us, we become more aware of these universal forces. Then instead of being controlled by them, we can begin to co-create with them.

As the Universe continues to expand and transform we have greater access to these unseen energies. You sense that. You’re feeling the magic. You have been tapping into it here and there, though you may not be aware that it’s coming from you. You can tap into the power and make your magic happen ON PURPOSE!



You are magical!

The magic I speak of is the extraordinary part of yourself and the world which is cloaked by the doubts and fears of physical reality. This magic is not “super”natural – it IS just your NATURAL. Your natural just happens to be extraordinary. 





• You are a sensitive soul with a deep natural wisdom.

• You have an inner knowing of your mystical gifts and a belief in the magic in this world.

• Your intuition is on fire and synchronicities abound.

• Mysterious stuff happens to you so often that it is your normal.

• You are aware of your spirit guides and animal totems.

• You have a sacred space lit by candles and cleansed with sage.

• You pull tarot cards and swirl pendulums when you need clarity.

• I can see the sparkle of your crystal companions.

• Angels, faeries and much of what is thought of as myth and legend are real to you.

Now the question is … how do you deepen that connection. How do you purposefully tap into your sacred power? How do you connect with your magic in such a way that it will forever shift your life.

That is what we are going to be exploring during MIA.





• you want to believe that your magic is real but there is a part of you that has doubts  

• unexplainable things happen to you that sometimes make you doubt your sanity

• you feel, see, sense or just have an innate knowing of things that others don’t seem to be aware of

• you fear the “darkness” that you’ve been warned of and that makes you hesitant to free your powers

• you want to speak openly about your gifts but you are afraid of sounding crazy

• you feel the heart of the world in your own and it’s sometimes hard to hold

OR you may already be using your magic consciously and just need the sacred space and guided steps to grow you power




Whether you hide it from the world or you just don’t know it yet … your MAGIC is awakening!



to be a magical being, you must live a magical life

Remembering your magic is like learning a new language. The best way to do that is to live your life completely immersed in that language. This is what we will be doing through the yearlong MIA Journey … a magical immersion





• have tools to grow and expand your magic

• experience your magic in new ways

• discover magic you didn’t know you had

• connect to magical guides

• messages from Higher Guidance will be clearer

The best part is … the power of your magic will intensify. Your superpowers will be super powered!


I had a dream about you!

Push the play button underneath and I’ll tell you about it …



”magic is being in harmony”

The deeper in resonance you are with all that is, the more magic you will experience in your life. As your trust in these magical moments deepens the more of these moments you will have until you realize that you are not separate from your magic.





As you move through this magical journey you will naturally awaken abilities and access your higher wisdom and superpowers that you didn’t know you had.





You will discover that simple everyday things can be tools of magic – things you never dreamed could be magical!





You will come to see that magic is everywhere. The magic itself is not the amazing part. What is really amazing is that we don’t see.





You have a sense of something you can’t really explain. It may show up as a feeling that you’ve forgotten someone or something but can’t remember who or what. What you have forgotten is … the magical part of yourself.


"I don’t have the words to describe the magic that I am feeling now."

-- Hector, Mexico


"you remind us that every being has a purpose in this world."

-- Carrie


"I don’t know how many people who visit your site actually tell you that they recognize the gift you are co-creating on a daily basis, so I thought I’d send you a note to say so. I hope that it makes you smile."

--J from Maryland”


"You have a gift for blowing my mind again and again. I have come to expect the unexpected."

-- L from Norway




I’m Smadar …I’ll be your guide on this magical journey.

I am wildly sensitive, some of my best friends are crystals and I see magic everywhere. As a child I would lay on the grass and look up to the stars and wonder about the mysteries of the universe and even though I grew up in world that didn’t believe in magic I never stopped wondering. My whole life I felt compelled to seek the answers to life’s deepest questions and what I discovered changed the way I saw the world. I confess that I am a bit of a hermit but the universe has been gently nudging me to come out of my comfy cocoon and share what I have learned about magic with other sensitive souls who are beginning to discover their hidden abilities and the true nature of reality.



I’ve mapped the way to Magic!

I have charted a soul guided journey that will lead you to reconnect to ancient wisdom through the sacred knowing of your magic. You will rediscover and access the magic that you’ve forgotten is your natural state. You will see that there is nothing about your magic to fear because it comes from light and love.

It’s amazing because you go from mere mortal to magical being through a simple shift in consciousness.





”Magical Guides”

You will receive profound insights to spark your magical awakening through messages that come from unexpected magical guides like … fire and elves.


”Elements of the Journey”

You will be exploring the magic of colour and the essences of elements. But you will also be introduced to things that you never imagined could be magical tools.


”Guided Meditations”

You will be led through guided meditations and be gifted with ethereal essences that will amplify your shift into your magical awareness.


”Star Songs”

You will be gifted with a Star Song ($333 value) during each of the four seasons of your Magical Journey.


”$500 Discount”

Often times the best way to reach magical souls is by word of mouth. So I’m asking for your help in passing this message along to any sensitive spirit who you think would be aligned with this journey into magic. As a great big thanks for your time and energy, I am offering you $500 off your own Journey.


10% off Crystals

As a member of MIA, you will have 10% off any crystal at our sister site, Song of Stones for the entire year of your MIA Journey. 


”Lifetime Membership”

When you join the MIA Journey you become a lifetime member. You make a sacred commitment to a full year but you can take as long as you wish to finish and you may do it as many times as you like for as long as it continues to be available.


”My Commitment”

To give you the sacred space and guidance through which to journey deep into your truth of your magic. And to pass along any personal messages your magical guides may want you to have.


”Your Commitment”

A full year to gift yourself with the time, focus and energy to allow your magic to awaken. You need to have patience with yourself during this time of powerful transformation.


”The Result”

You will have begun to practice and experience your magic with conscious awareness and have access to a Source of Power that can profoundly shift the way you experience your life.


”The Extent of your Magic”

The level to which your magic awakens will depend on where you are in your personal journey. But, even if you do nothing, merely being exposed to the magic that fills the space of this mystical journey will spark an expansion in your awakening.


”Sacred Space”

We have created a private sacred journey space for you where you will be able to access everything from one place. Each week we will open up a new branch of your journey but you are encouraged to work at your own pace. There is a private forum free from the energetic noise of ads where you can ask questions and interact with other MIA journeyers.