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Dragon Crystals

Since the dawn of humanity the dragon has appeared in the mythology of many cultures.  The Dragon is Yang energy which is male.   He is the emblem of vigilance and security, and also the spirit of change.   It represents the darkness and the unknown, and the power we hold but have not yet realized. The dragon represents change, the necessity that we not only adapt to circumstance but that we ourselves become its active agent.  It represents the passage from innocence through experience to wisdom and understanding. And ultimately the dragon is the symbol of the process of enlightenment, the channeling of the serpent power towards the great illumination.  This Dragon Quartz represents those qualities and is to be used by those who wish to use it for a strength, understanding, and change.  It is "good medicine".

This Dragon Crystal is a firm crystal, bold and strong. You will feel this strength when you see this crystal. It is "massive", and it speaks to the soul, to the unconscious, and to those who are ready.  It is a crystal for understanding and it is extremely powerful.

This is a complex crystal, and it will take time to feel all of its effects. It's not an "overnight" talisman, one which will instantly transform your life, but one which will take you on a journey lasting many years.  There is a Spirit inside this crystal, and this Spirit wishes to take you on a journey towards your goal.

I thank Kay of Psychic Pathways for these crystals and the metaphysical information.