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Dow Crystals

Dow Crystals have a very special mystical configuration. If you have experienced the energy of this crystal you will notice the difference in appearance and in energy.

The Dow Crystal - Katrina Raphael

This special crystal manifests perfect geometry in the termination, alternating between triangles and seven-sided faces.  It is a combination of the Channeling crystal and the Transmitter crystal, but the combined effect has yet another purpose. Not all Dow crystals have even sided symmetrical faces. The Dow can be used to express the deepest inner truth, as well as being capable of receiving, containing, and projecting programmed information.


The faces comprising the Dow are all 7 sided or 3 sided. Seven is symbolic of the ultimate inner truth that is attained when the seeker looks within the inner sanctums of the self. Three represents the trinity and the expression and manifestation of that inner truth. All manifestations of trinity (body mind heart; etc.) can be influenced by the Dow. The total of the three seven sided faces and the three triangles is 30 (7x3 + 3x3). Thirty is a three with a circle after it, which can be reduced to a single three. Thirty signifies the trinity in the constant motion of a circle. The circle contains within it everything that comes into being in the cycle of creation; the totality of expression, from alpha to omega, from life to death and rebirth. The sum thirty pertains to the wheel of life. In relationship to the Dow, all facets of one's being and life can be positively affected.


Of all the Quartz crystals, the Dow manifests the most perfect geometry.  Its symmetrical patterning is unique. The Dow crystal is like a mirror that reflects perfection. Recognizing the perfection in the mineral kingdom through the Dow, helps us to see the possibility that we can also physically manifest that state of integrity, unity, balance and order. It also sends the message that in order to manifest divinity (triangles), we must first access our own inner truth (septagons). The Dow crystal, in its state of perfection, helps us to connect with the source. Working with the Dow crystal, this energy begins to be transmitted through us. Then when other people come into contact with our own personal "Dows" (perfected patterning of light) they will in some positive way be influenced, whether it be subliminal, subconscious or profoundly direct and evident.


The Dow crystal can be a tremendous aid in healing the heart chakra. So much of the pain stored at the heart and solar plexus can be transmuted if we have but one experience of Divine love, out of which a deep inner knowing is seeded in the heart, allowing acceptance and understanding of the Divine plan.  Experiencing this Divine essence is the start to unconditional love.

Because of its inherent circular energy (30), this crystal can match the spiraling rotational energy of each chakra vortex and being closely related to the earth and her elements, it greatly assists in the integration and assimilation of this energy onto the earth.


The Dow crystal can be held in the left hand during meditation or if one is lying down, placed above the top of the head with the termination pointing down towards the body. It can be placed at any of the chakra centers to transmit that standard of excellence into the individual characteristics of each energy center.


The Dow crystal can be a powerful companion to help us disassociate from the pain we feel which originates from outside of ourselves as we overly identify with the sufferings of others and the woes of the world. (This does not mean that we will lose concern, but rather that the external pain of others will not be claimed as our own). Working with the Dow crystal, and gaining understanding that everything exists in a state of perfection, can shift our awareness and alter our relationship to suffering. Ultimately, pain teaches us that we can, in fact, live without it. The Dow crystal assists us in identifying with and becoming the perfection instead.


Malachite is a powerful stone to work with in conjunction with the Dow crystal during the process of separating your pain from others. In order to change and come into alignment with that which is eternally true, there has to be movement. Malachite will stir the pot, so to speak, so that you can discern what is yours and what is not.  When used together, the random motion of emotions catalyzed by Malachite is brought together into perfect order by the Dow. Four small Dow generators can surround a Malachite stone at the solar plexus, or once the emotions surface, malachite can be removed and replaced with the Dow crystal. After the crystal healing, the recipient can stand up while the healer moves the Dow crystal through the Aura so that the energy field is imprinted with the pattern of perfection. This exercise can be practiced with another person whenever the need arises to create a greater sense of harmony and order.

Trans-Channeling Quartz Crystal - Melody

This crystal is known by a configuration of three seven-sided faces, each adjacent on both sides to a three-sided triangular face. This structure combines the qualities of the transmitter crystal and the channeling crystal. It is the crystal for creativity and service to humanity through both spiritual and mystical pursuits. It allows access to the records relating to each question or thought and, even without focusing, provides intuitive awareness in all situations.