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A Woman's Honour

Posted on October 29, 2017 

This is a very important time for woman. The feminine energy is expanding and while we’ve been feeling it for some time we are now beginning to see it taking expression in real world events. Even those of us who try not to focus on the news can’t avoid the conversation that is happening about what’s called sexual harassment. I think we need a better frame for it. It is a personal and violent attack on a woman’s body and harassment does not convey the seriousness of the act. Since it’s not considered a serious violation or a crime often times it goes unreported, unnoticed and without justice. Up until now women have not had many models that teach us that this is not acceptable and we have a right and sometimes an obligation to speak out.

There is a question that this brings up for me. Why is it that when a woman’s body is disrespected she is the one who feels the shame? This may be a good question for all of us to ask. I think this is a universal archetype that is coming up to be shifted right now. Woman is reclaiming her power and her dignity and self respect – and it has nothing to do with how she looks and what she is wearing.

At around the time I was pondering this question I began to hear the song of a crystalline being who was beginning to make its presence known. Rhodochrosite was singing to me and I believe it is she who inspired this exploration. Rhodochrosite is like that – she gently stirs up deeply buried trauma and helps us to let unresolved emotions bubble up to the surface before we even realize that this is her gift to us. I think there is a reason that Rhodochrosite is singing forth her energy at this time. She made her presence known to me just after I was inspired to create a FB post of a heart pic with a caption … “sometimes love is all we need”. Rhodochrosite echoes that sentiment but she gently encourages us to receive the love that we need from our own self. She is quite the wise being and she offers us a great gift if we choose to accept it. Perhaps it was her energy quietly and unobtrusively emanating out to me which inspired that heart post.

Rhodochrosite is a very important crystalline being for woman today. She shows us how to love ourselves. But there is something else I discovered about her that you won’t find in the metaphysical books. Rhodochrosite deepens in tone when she is in your presence. You don’t even have to be handling her to trigger that quality. It has always fascinated me. This is one of those times where the consciousness of the crystals is so evident.

There is something for us to see in that magical ability Rhodochrosite has to deepen and become more translucent – to SHOW HERSELF. Maybe that’s what it is – maybe it’s that simple … maybe she is showing us that as women become more present the universal feminine energy expands and deepens and SHOWS HERSELF. The feminine energy singing through this magical crystal is reflecting the courage and honest expression of a woman’s true voice. When woman is brave enough to speak her truth – she inspires others to stand with her and to speak their truth.

It’s a magical, powerful time … women (or any gender expressing their feminine energy) have at this time an opportunity unlike any before in our history (at least the history that we are aware of). The energy of this time creates the moments and the momentum for us to free our feminine spirits. We are beginning to shift old energies out and create new ones. This means that there is going to be a lot of ugly and painful stuff we must accept and allow to move through us as it is released. It will be easier if we understand the purpose of the drudge. We are creating a new paradigm and new archetypal patterns. So now more than ever we need to be aware of what energy we put out into the Universe.

The crystalline ones will show you how to tap into your inner power and your authentic voice and they will “stand” with you in loving support and compassionate acceptance when you’re ready. Now this is important and I want you to really hear this … if you are not ready – they will show you how to see that there is courage and power in silent support and to have patience, trust and kindness for yourself and for your sisters who are not yet ready to voice their pain. No one knows what another has been through in their life and what their purpose is to be. We must stand in support of each other without judgement or conditions. That is the very essence of the feminine energy. That is the pure love of the age we are about to enter into.

Any stone being can potentially be your guide through this time and for your particular purpose in this feminine expansion. There is no right or wrong one to choose. The one who is shining and sparkling most brightly – the one you are most attracted to – will be the the right one in this moment. There are certain stone beings who you can reach out to if you would like a recommendation. Of course there is Rhodochrosite or other pink stones like rose quartz or mangano calcite. There is a special duet who are showing themselves to my heart who are willing to offer their energy at this time. There are the “unbreak my heart” duets who came into presence to offer support to “broken families” (their words not mine). The feminine sisterhood is in need of reuniting and these crystals can help with that. I also have been finding the Dragon crystals (any crystals with dragon energy) to be singing so strongly in support of this rising feminine energy. And of course I always recommend a Soul Journey Stone.

Please get in touch if you would like us to help you find the crystalline one who is singing for you.