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Star Metamorphosis Pendant - Song of Stones

Star Metamorphosis Pendant

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Handmade Star Metamorphosis Crystal Pendants set in solid sterling silver with certificate of authenticity. The pendants are hand made so each one is unique. They are double sided so no matter which way you wear them, YOU WILL HAVE STARS!

Metamorphosis crystals have quite a unique beautiful presence.  Only a small percentage of the Metamorphosis Quartz will star. This special material must be cut and polished in a certain way for the star to show. My supplier has made some of this special material into beautiful and intensely energetic pendants.  What is really unique about these stars is that they are projected outwards in a 3 dimensional hologram.  The star seems to be suspended outside of the stone ... it's really wild ... it must be seen to be completely understood.  This stone of illusion has been helping me to see through the many veils of illusion this physical reality drapes over our eyes.

PLEASE NOTE: These are natural Stars so they are not constantly visible (like man made stars in gemstones). They can be seen under certain lighting conditions and when backlit. However this particular group have some of the strongest stars I've seen.

This listing is for 1 pendant in Sterling Silver. These Star Metamorphosis Pendants range in size from approx. 1/2" to 3/4"