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Moonstone - Song of Stones


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These creamy Moonstone tumbled stones come from India. They gift us with a chatoyant flash of luminscent light that makes us understand why they are called Moonstone. They are a stone for the feminine within each of us.

Moonstone vibrates of the number 4 and is the astrological signs of Cancer, Libra, Scorpio. Moonstone is a stone for hoping and wishing. It helps us to get what is 'needed' in our life, although that might not necessarily be the same as what is 'wanted'. It assists in understanding and fulfilling one's destiny and stimulates confidence and composure. It is a feeling stone, stimulating practical intuition. It brings flashes of insight and enhances perception and discernment. To use moonstone for problem solving and decision making, hold it in your left hand or place it under your pillow for guidance to life's questions. It was once considered a protection stone for travellers. Moonstone helps one recognize and deal with life's ups and downs, bringing balance to its changing cycles. Moonstone is a stone of mystery. It has a feminine association because of its ability to enhance the intuitive and receptive side of the mind. When used by women, it promotes the psychic ability of clairvoyance. When used by men, it stimulates the right side of the brain, encouraging non-linear thinking and emotional balance. Ancient lore has it that moonstone was said to contain an image of the moon. Its ability to mimic the phases of the moon was considered a sacred sign. A sixteen century writer performed an experiment on the changing size and position of a point of light in a Moonstone and concluded a direct correspondence existed to the lunar cycle. This association with the lunar cycles made it a powerful talisman for women. Moonstone is sacred and is a talisman of good fortune.

Feldspar vibrates to the number 9 and is the astrological signs of Aquarius - Elemental. Feldspar assists us in detaching from the old, encouraging unconventional and exciting methods to attain our goals. It provides for support in issues of self awareness and self-love. It assists us in locating that which has been mis-placed and in discovering and understanding previously unidentified messages from both within and without of the self. It has been found as a constituent of moon rock and provides for a connection with inter-galactic intelligence.

Oligoclase vibrates to the master number 44 and is the astrological Sign of Gemini - Elemental. Oligoclase is a type of feldspar and shares its qualities. This mineral emits a sustaining energy, assisting us in maintaining a "hold" on situations or activities of which we are a part. It helps us to learn to trust, to let go of the concept of personal "territory". It enhances our effectiveness in both routine and non-routine activities.

These chatoyant moonstones are approx. 3/4". I will listen for the one who is glowing for you.