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Faery Clan Crystals - Song of Stones

Faery Clan Crystals

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These sparkling Fairy Quartz Crystals - also known as Spirit Quartz - are a natural Quartz from Brazil with a mix of amethyst and citrine drusy. They carry the energy of the fae folk. You'll feel that immediately when you hold them. They have a message for us and that message is to HAVE FUN. They show us how a little bit of sparkle can infuse our day with an added dimension that gives us a richer experience. 

Some of these magical Fairy Crystals clustered together in family groups. They've come forward with a similar song to a group of Crossroads Crystals which were here to guide and support us in our shifting relationships. While the Crossroads Crystals were about our relationship with the Universe, these Fairy Families are about personal relationships. I am guessing, from what I've been seeing, that many of us are experiencing changes in our personal relationships and it can be a very trying time. The truth is, what we're experiencing in our relationships with the others in our lives, is truly about our relationship with ourselves.  These light guides can help us to understand that. They can help us to move through the shifts with greater ease and graceful trust. That's why they have come forward now.

They range in size from approx. 1-1/2" to 3". I will listen for the Faery Clan crystal family who are singing for you.