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Raw Chrome Diopside - Song of Stones

Raw Chrome Diopside

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These natural raw Chrome Diopside crystals have a very rich deep green tone and powerfully vibrant and expansive energy. Breathe with this stone being and see what opens up. The richness and abundance of Gaia shines through these beautiful beings.

Diopside vibrates tot he number 9 and is the astrological size of Virgo.  Diopside stimulates the intellect and enhances academic learning.  It couples the practical side of ones nature to both the sciences and the arts.  Diopside allows one to recognize that the strength of the opposition is less than that which is within oneself.  It helps us to understand the duality within the self and stimulates us to tap into the feminine side of nature.  It is said to be a good stone for those who don't allow themselves to cry.

These crystals range in size from approx. 1/4" to 3/4". I will listen for the one that is singing for you.