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Sulphur Stones - Song of Stones

Sulphur Stones

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Sulphur is a stone of Alchemy. I have a blog page dedicated to its role in this magical art. The intensity of colour in these Sulphur stones is rarely seen among the stone beings. They have such a vibrant presence but at the same time they have a softness. Like beholding the energy of the sun without burning the eye. These large Sulphur tumbles have been lovingly hand polished to bring out this stone being's vibrant sunny tone. I received these tumbles from a wonderful source and you will see the quality and vibrancy of its energy when you receive it. Sulphur's scent is also distinctive. Please keep this in mind when handling it. You will probably want to wash your hands afterwards. Lemon and/or baking soda work wonders for releasing the scent.

Sulphur vibrates to the number 7, Astrological sign of Leo. Sulphur is negatively electrified, assisting one in the removal of negative willfulness and in the elimination of distracting intellectual thoughts and emotions.  It can discourage negativity within ones environment.  Sulphur tends to promote an abundance of energy and flashes of inspiration.  It stimulates the realization of the perfection of the self and can help "melt" the barriers blocking ones progress. Sulphur has been used by the South American and Mexican Indians in ceremonial healings. It is said to bring together the synthesis of the four directions, mother earth and father sky. The Ancient nomadic tribes of North America used it in its crushed state as an offering to the four cardinal directions so that both darkness would be dissipated and corruption would be cleansed from the earth. It was known to the Ancients and was referred to as Brimstone in the Old Testament. Sulphur is a very soft mineral. It melts easily and burns producing sulphur dioxide gas. This ancient Egyptians were aware of this and used the mineral as a disinfectant and for bleaching textiles. The Romans used it in the preparation of medicines. It is now used in the production of sulphuric acid, a chemical utilized in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

These pictures don't begin to show the vibrancy and quality of the stones. They are representative of what you will receive. I will listen for the Sulphur Stone that is singing for you.