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Shattuckite - Song of Stones


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When I first saw these stunning Shattuckite Tumbled stones, I was immediately drawn to them. I couldn't stop looking at them. The colour is so unbelievably powerful. The colour can't be described and the pictures just do not capture their true essence. They have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The colour seems to rise up to the surface of the stone's dark matrix. There is not a high contrast between the mineral and the matrix yet the colour standS out so beautifully. It just MUST BE SEEN. This is a POWERFUL stone being. These stones can teach us how to be seen, even though physically we do not stand out so strongly from our surroundings. They show us how to show ourselves in a gentle, subtle, yet incredibly powerful way. Stop yourself from looking at these stones if you don't want to be moved by their energy for once you see them, they will capture your heart in a way I haven't seen another stone do.

I will listen for the Shattuckite tumbled stone who is singing for you.