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Mirror Mirror - Song of Stones

Mirror Mirror

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This magical crystal being is singing for a special soul ... one who is searching for a part of themselves that can't be seen in an ordinary mirror. The reflection you will see of yourself from this crystal will be the true one ... if you trust what you will be shown. Their message to me was so strong and powerful that this crystal MUST be shared TODAY (January 31/18) ... I wonder if it has something to do with the full moon - and checking just now I discover it's not only a full moon but a Super Blood Moon and Eclipse. Ok ... now I understand the urgency.

This is a Lepidolite book which has grown together with what may be quartz that has taken the form of a woman looking into the violet reflection that the lepidolite creates with its mirror surface.


These natural raw Lepidolite Crystal Books come from Brazil. These Lepidolite crystals have formed from thin luminescent layers that stack together to form ... "books" - hence their name. One of the wondrous things about this form of Lepidolite is their magical "mirror trick" - the are highly reflective and appear opaque but when you hold them up to the light (depending on their thickness), you can see they are translucent. It's an amazing physical characteristic that alludes to some of their metaphysical properties - like their ability to help us to see what's truly there ... that we sometimes need to take something into the light to see more deeply into it ... and if we want to go deeper, they can help us to look into the illusory nature of our physical reality. And that's just some of what they can show us.

Lepidolite vibrates to the number 8 and is the astrological sign of Libra. Lepidolite activates the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third eye and it also opens the crown chakra. Lepidolite manifests the pink-purple ray which assists in balancing the heart (pink) with the mind (purple). It is an excellent stone for business pursuits, combining the energy of diplomacy with direction and unimpeded communication. The material found in Lepidolite is Lithium Mica which is a soft silver-white metal and is the lightest solid element. (Salts from Lithium are widely used in the treatment of schizophrenia and manic depression. Much of the schizophrenic tendency revolves around the separate personalities that develop when feelings are out of alignment with the thoughts). Lithium is a potent, healing and balancing element. It is already pre-programmed by nature and has an abundance of information stored within it. Research shows that Lithium resonates with every note of the musical scale and is very balancing for all the chakras, both individually and collectively. It is known as a stone of transition, helping us through life's changing cycles and assisting us in transforming old patterns gently and allows for smooth passage during the change. It is also helpful with transitions from one life to another, helping us to understand the departure from the physical realm and the entry to the spiritual world. It is a good stone for those who need to allow themselves to go through grief or other emotional processes but tend to repress those emotions instead. It helps us in the transformation of the energies of lesser spiritual ideals to the energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. It is used for stress reduction and to relieve despondency. The energy of lepidolite is refreshing and almost sentimental. It can guide us to self love, producing a child-like love and acceptance, while allowing for trust to flourish. It assists us, and those around us, in openness and honesty. It can enhance the generation of life-sustaining negative ions in our environment, stimulating the instinct of self preservation and enhancing the awareness of well being. This stone is very useful for gridding our environment. It has been used as a calming agent to grid classrooms, shopping centres, conference rooms, concert halls, etc. It has also been used in gridding disorderly areas of the Earth, helping to bring stability to the structure of the ley lines and tectonic plates. It also assists in gardening and agricultural activities, helping to align the energy forces to produce abundance and to eliminate or to rectify dis-ease.

Mica's reflective qualities help us to recognize the flaws in others, yet continue to feel love for them. It will also allow you to recognize in others those traits that you wish to change within yourself and to help you to make those changes. Mica can help one to look at a situation in complete detail, magnifying those aspects of importance. It provides for growth in all areas of pursuit. It can be used to diminish anger, tantrums and nervous energy. It can be used to facilitate clarity in visions and mysticism.