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Karma Cleanse
Karma Cleanse
Karma Cleanse
Karma Cleanse

Karma Cleanse

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As we go through life (this one and others) we sometimes pick up energetic attachments and patterns that play out unconsciously in our lives. These are the issues that we are sure we finally cleared from our lives and then pop up again. Two very special crystal blades recently started singing for me and guided me through a Karma Cleanse ceremony. This is not about judgement. It's about cutting any etheric cords that are keeping you in a cycle that you're ready to move on from. Sometimes having awareness of the purpose of an experiences is not enough to detach. Sometimes we need a little help. Everything I've shared with you can do just that, but if you need a little help, I can guide you through this Karma Cleanse ceremony that the crystals shared with me.

To be free and clear.

Together with crystal Blades, I gently guide you through the release of all attachments and karmic debt, through this life and all others.


Karma Cleanse


                        ○   release old patterns 

              ○   be free of attachment

     ○   Cut ties to past 

○   anchor to light 

      ○   resolve relationship in this life and othere’s

                    ○   be free of any evil eyes



On letting go …

Letting go is sticky because even the desire and intent to let go of something can be an attempt at control. And that’s the very opposite to releasing your hold.

We, the crystal blades, come forth to help you cut ties. We can show how to sever etheric threads that tether you to undesirable patterns. But without fully releasing those ties on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) they will reform.

That is our real gift to you. To show you a deeper level of release. Take us with you on an inner journey and we will show you.


○   One on One Healing Session.

○   We meet through zoom.

○   A Follow up through email.


What clients have said about light work with me…


"This is the best I have felt in about 6 months!" -- Evi

"My knees feel great today." -- Melanie

"I truly feel it is a special gift that awakened a remembrance in me." -- Annina