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As the Universe is expanding and transforming we have access to energies we may not have been aware even existed. Many sensitive souls –  who may have already been feeling abandoned and alone in this earth life – feel lost and become overwhelmed by the powerful, rapidly shifting energies of our world, without always knowing why. As a Light Guide and sensitive soul myself I understand what a lonely and scary path we have contracted ourselves to. It is my deep commitment and part of my earth life purpose to enlighten and empower other emerging light guides and sensitive souls by taking them through magically mapped soul guided journeys that move them out of the fear of their growing power and which leaves them feeling supported and empowered.

In a deep exploration to help you remember your magic there will be: guided meditations, magical tools, ethereal essences, messages from magical guides, insights into the elements, practical exercises, access to a private forum and more. But more importantly than that I have created a sacred space where you can feel safe to share even the deepest parts of yourself and your wildest stories. Trust me ... the woman who speaks to stones and befriends fairies will not think you are crazy.

We invite you to join us on a profoundly transformational journey.

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