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Faceted Quartz Crystal Spheres for Feng Shui

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Natural Faceted Quartz Crystal Spheres to hang in your window to reflect sparkling light and fill your home with a lovely energy.

Feng Shui is near and dear to me ... it was Feng Shui that reintroduced crystals into my life and it was one of these faceted spheres that was my doorway into the crystalline realm.  Most Feng Shui Crystals are created from leaded glass.  These are natural Quartz Crystals.  They may not have as much sparkle as the glass ones, but the energy that they bring forth into the home can't be compared.  Being natural crystals, each one is unique and they may have natural inclusions and inner fractures (which i see as beautiful openings).  If you love natural crystals, then you'll love the energy these hanging jewels bring into your home.

The pictures shown are samples. Sizes are approximate.