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Peaceful Pair - Song of Stones
Peaceful Pair - Song of Stones

Peaceful Pair

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Lithium included Quartz Crystals have a very gentle energy. In my connection with Lithium I found that it put me in touch with my deepest feelings, helping me to bring them up to the surface where I can experience them without judgment. The Lithium Crystal helps me to reach the peaceful center of my being. I have found that these crystals are often home to the fairies (Devic Temple Crystals).

Healing Lithium Quartz Crystal Pair!

These 2 come together in support ... to offer support. They are a gift to ourselves ... a reminder of our strength and inner peace. They do not really “provide” support, but remind us that we are already supported. They remind us that we are supported in so many ways and in each moment.

When we are feeling the pressure of the noise all around us, we forget the peacefulness that is our natural state. This pair comes to remind us of this ... that we can be with ALL of the outside sounds and smells and textures and tastes, but they CANNOT affect us, if we so choose!

We hold peace in our being always.
Do you remember?

Hold one in each hand and feel yourself in

Lithium is an extremely potent healing and balancing stone. The Quartz works to enhance and amplify the properties of the Lithium. It is already pre-programmed by nature and has an abundance of information stored within it. If a piece of Lithium Quartz breaks off from the whole crystal, it still retains the full energy charge and power of the whole crystal. Lithium Quartz acts as a sender and receiver of energy. It helps us to keep free of negative energy. It allows one to achieve a very relaxed state making it an excellent companion in meditation. It is known to be calming for the brain and is beneficial to those with addictive behaviour. It also helps us to release from attachments. Research shows that Lithium resonates with every note of the musical scale and is very balancing for all the chakras, both individually and collectively. Lithium Quartz carries the pink-lilac ray of spiritual love and is an especially gentle and powerful activator of the Heart and the 3rd eye chakras. When Lithium Quartz is utilized in its natural state the mineral dusts bonded to the crystals when they are harvested enhance their healing power. These inclusions on the outside of the crystal give it an incredibly beautiful luminescence. Lithium allows one to achieve a very relaxed state making it an excellent companion in meditation.

These crystals range in size from approx. 1-1/4" to 2". There is one peaceful pair left.