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Wholeheartedly Star Song

Four magical Witches Fingers came together to co-create a Star Song and brought to me an incredibly vivid understanding of what it truly means to protect the heart. The insight I received from this Star Song Circle was shocking in 2 ways – in its truth and in its simplicity. Someone once told me that truth always holds in it a paradox and I don’t think I realized the full extent of what that meant until I took in the gift of this Star Song. I’m beginning to think that the crystals themselves have a paradoxical nature – the YIN and the YANG.

“To protect the heart you must let down your defences.”   

This Star Song originally came into presence as a monthly Star Song for March 31st to April 3rd. As I typed the date of the Star Song I saw that there is a REFLECTION in the numbers here that perhaps mirrors the paradoxical effect these crystals revealed in their message. I did not plan that purposefully but I see there is purpose to it.

March 31 (3/31 = 3/4) to April 3 (4/3)

34 / 43 = 7/7

(For those not familiar with numerology – numbers that are greater than single digits are added together until 1 digit remains. NOTE:  7 came up quite often in connection with these crystals.)

If you want to know more about these powerful crystals, I talk about “How I got angry when I discovered why these crystals are called Witches Fingers“.