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White Lioness Star Song

Through a mystically guided movement, a group of very special stone beings which revealed themselves to be White Lioness Opal Stones gifted us with some powerful wisdom. They sing of the interconnectedness of all things and they revealed that harmony of unity through the synchronicties with which they came forward. These Lioness Stones have a primal yet graceful beauty that mirrors their namesake’s powerful movements … Lioness. They show us how to tap into that fierce will and grand power that commands respect and accomplishes great feats of strength and courage. That respect and courage comes from the same place. It comes not from force but from a true and pure altruism. The energy of this being is about harmony and balance of all that is. It’s about doing that which is truly for the highest good of the Soul of the individual, which naturally is also what is best for the Soul of the collective. It’s a power and majesty that comes from an inner peace rather than an outer struggle. This is their song. It is one of many. Come together with this majestic one to receive more of their song and their noble energy. Your Star Song will be co-created with the White Lioness Stones which come forward especially for you.

Song of Stones donated part of the proceeds from the White Lioness Stones to Linda Tucker’s Global White Lion Protection Trust.