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White Light Star Song

The white ray of the rainbow arc of light has been glowing brightly and seeping into my spirit. It’s been drawing me quite powerfully. The White Light inspired me to co-create one of the brightest and most potent Star Songs yet. The crystalline elements of this Star Song vibrate with a briliant energy that has been drawing up remnants of the most deeply buried fragments of charged particles. Once at the surface I’m free to finally release them once and for all. There is no more room for them. With their departure I have a blank page, ready for me to record new patterns of my choosing and I’m choosing consciously. I’m grateful for this ethereal elixir and feel blessed to be able to share it with you as a Star Song. May it bless you with the release of the most deeply ingrained patterns and the the longest held attachments so you may be free to redesign your life.