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Strength in Alignment

A group of Black Walnuts came together with a Fossil Turtle Shell to sing of strength in alignment. They volunteered to co-create a Star Song and they shared a message with us.

Strength on all levels

These Shells come forward to offer the energy of strength on all the levels of your being…

PHYSICAL: Strengthening your structure will give you stamina to carry you through physical challenges. This Star Song will support you in strengthening your structure … the bones, teeth, skin and hair. Strengthening the physical body is not always seen as a part of spiritual practice, but total alignment calls for harmony in all the bodies.

EMOTIONAL: Opening the heart in acceptance of what is brings a strength that carries you through the emotionally challenging moments.

SPIRITUAL: There is a great strength that is forged from faith in that which is not seen by the naked eye; belief in what you feel with your subtle senses and trust in you inner knowing. That is where you will find your true source of power.

Strength comes from Alignment

They say that …

Strength comes from being aligned in body, mind and spirit. Being in harmony brings an unbreakable connection even when there are no physical bridges between all the parts of the whole.

It’s not just the hardness of your outer shell or the density of your structure that gives you strength. It’s when everything comes together – a harmony of all the parts – that creates an impenetrable strength.

We’re not just speaking here about brute strength. We’re talking about the might of harmonious alignment. A great power is present when everything comes together in the exact right way. This is not about perfection of form. Look at the twists in the branch of a tree and you will see that straightness does not mean flawlessness.

You see in order for the parts of the whole to be/move in harmony, they must be aligned in every way.

Each flame in the fire,
Each drop in an ocean,
Each stone in a river,
Each note in a song,
Each bird in a flock …

All must move in perfect alignment to be in rhythm and harmony. That means moving at their own pace – not rushed by the impatience of others. Not slowed by anything in their path. Just natural, instinctive motion … unaccounted, uninfluenced, rhythm.

At around the time that the the shells were singing, snail and golden caterpillar came to visit me in my garden, inspiring me to slow my pace without slowing my accomplishments. The Turtle sings a similar message through its fossilized remains. They all move at their own pace-–unhurried by anyone.

Graceful Stride

Then as if to punctuate this message with an exclamation point…a flock of Geese crossed our path this evening as we were driving through the local mall. Taking their time, they were not intimidated by my husband barrelling down the road. They didn’t even blink. It was on us to stop and wait for them. They crossed gracefully in a leisurely stride--not a single feather ruffled. I have so much admiration for these regal beings.

As the Star Song was being transmitted, I received a beautiful message from it:

Structure + Flow = Harmony

Like the river that flows in the channels that have been carved into the Earth by time, our energy flows through and around the channels we have structured around our bodies. Those patterns can be set by us intentionally or we can allow outer influences to direct the flow.

The more time passes, the deeper these channels become and the stronger the direction of the flow. We have choice as the patterns of our energy field are being formed. As we awaken our awareness and purposely make those choices, we can create new patterns.

This is what is meant by the power and strength of alignment.

Seeing Clearer

When the Star Song came into presence, I was pleasantly surprised to find my vision had improved==not back to 20/20, but I am seeing much clearer than I was just a day earlier. I don’t know if this is going to be a lasting gift, if my vision will continue to get stronger, but I’ll enjoy it as long as it is given. What I think was even more valuable is that I was shown the source of my near sightedness.


Originally published July 27, 2017