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Star Shine Star Song

I heard a group of crystals singing who called themselves the “Star Shine Crystals”. They are Anandalite, aka Rainbow Quartz crystals called so because their faces are painted with the colours of the rainbow. I had a deep and intense connection with one of these Star Shine Crystals during which I discovered that these stone beings are time travellers. When you hold them in your hand and move them in the light, they gift you with flashes of colour. A circle of these Star Shine crystals come together to gift their coloured light to you through a Star Song.

“There is a reason old issues are coming up again now. We are moving through a universal shift – cycling into a new expression of our personal pattern. That is why old issues are re-emerging at this time. If you pay attention, you will notice that the intensity of those issues has softened – whether you’ve been working on them or not. We offer the gift of understanding through awareness and that will further LIGHTen your transition through this cycle.”


     In the dead of winter – right about now – there often arises dark feelings of despair – a stark flowerless landscape that offers no promises – no glimpses into what may be past the distant line of last sight. It is a cold moment – even for one who sits under the sun. This is not just an experience of weather or a time of the year. It is a phase in the cycle of creative expression. It is actually the point of creation that all artists fear. The beginning. The blank page. The moment of choice. The point of endless possibility.

     It should be a time of celebration yet it is a time when walking this dark corridor of uncertainty in that vast desert of possibility there is also insecurity, uncertainty and nowhere to hide – and all your dark shadow monsters emerge as here they may roam freely unobstructed by distraction of an occupied mind.

     In the midst of this dark traverse across the barren flats, you’ve unknowingly invited fear to walk alongside you. If you could even for just one breath, remember that you can invite in the light and reveal the true forms of the shadows that have you locked in terror, you will see that what you’ve been hiding and running from is actually the fear which you’ve let in. Then, if you can step out of the terror for even just a second to look in the face of this stranger you travel with, you will see it’s just you there.

These crystals are “time corridor crystals”. They are travellers without boundaries. Sometimes you must travel back in time to be able to see what is before you in the present. These special crystals can show you secret spaces and unknown treasures. They can remind you of the light you hold within and how to shine it into the dark corridors you must pass through along your way. These Star Shine crystals whispered a message to us …

“The universe is a series of cycles. There are the familiar ones like your sleep cycles, your circadian rhythms and the weekly/monthly calendars. Then there are cycles both personal and universal that are unknown and untold. The universe is transitioning through one of these cycles at the present and we have come forward to reveal something that has not been visible until now.”

— smadar and the crystal messengers