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Shungite Water Recipe handed down through a dream


I dreamed last night about being in a very large vertically rectangular tank filled with water. Floating in the water along side me were these uniquely shaped creatures that were squirting black clouds (like squid do). But their shape was quite unlike any sea creature I’d ever seen. I swam with them and I think I even squirted out black clouds like them. Their energy was quite special. I felt as if I was one of them. While I was in the water with the creatures, I had 2 partners who were monitoring me from an observation window.

When I woke up, I went to wash and I had the sudden urge to clean the abalone shell that holds my soap and Shungite stones. As I was cleaning I was wondering what those creatures in my dream were telling me. I was trying to figure out what shape they were – I didn’t even think I could describe it. Then I noticed that one of the Shungite stones was the exact shape of the floating creature. Ahh so that’s why I was guided to clean the stones and the dish right then. I would not otherwise have made the connection between the Shungite and the water beings in my dream.

I remembered telling my niece that I would co-create a star song for her before she went away to school and that she should take Shungite stones and a carafe with her so she could make Shungite water. It became clear that the dream was a manifestation of this directive. The carafe was the tall tank and the black water beings were the Shungite stones. I am thinking that the part of my dream where one of us was inside the tank and 2 of us were outside observing was to show me the placement of the stones. One of the stones was to be on the inside of the carafe inside the water and the other two would be on placed on the outside. Perhaps they were even showing me a new way for anyone to make Shungite water. I have no doubt that the Shungite stones in my soap dish are volunteering to co-create my niece’s personal Star Song … and I just heard that they want to co-create this month’s star song as well.

It was relayed to me (either during the dream or when I awoke) that the floating creatures in my dream were either parasites or came to cleanse parasites. The word may invoke fear or revulsion in many of us. There is a stigma attached to parasites. But Shungite revealed something to me about the nature of parasites that might help us to see them in a different light. They shared with me that a parasite is really any discordant attachment that leaches energy and drains power. These are specific types of attachments – ones that are past due or expired – meaning the time to let go of them has long passed. The tighter we hold on, the more energy bleeds out. Understanding this can help us to release fear and judgements about parasites because we can see that we have the power to end this disharmonious symbiosis.

Shungite can show us how to release parasitic attachments and free up space and power. I saw this vibrational pattern of release in action soon after I listened to the song of the Shungite sphere which I shared in the last Crystal Moon Message. There was a huge shift here after I heard their message and the effects of their magic is still rippling through my life. Suddenly I found myself moving and removing, lifting and rearranging, retiring and expelling all sorts of things that I hadn’t even thought to let go of. It just didn’t occur to me. At some point I might have had the thought to clear them out but resistance kicked in and life distracted me. It was not long before my daily drudge buried my incentive and I went beyond the “expiry date” (much like a forest can grow over an entire civilization masking it from our sight). So the things that once brought me joy and power now just took up space in my life and had been depleting my energy. I did not even realize that these things were cluttering up my space and drawing on my energy.

One of these things was Shungite itself. A beaded bracelet. My very first piece of Shungite jewelry. I never went anywhere without it. As a sensitive soul this powerful bracelet helped me stay grounded and sane when I was out in the world. I hadn’t worn it in quite some time. I picked it up to put on and it suddenly broke and all the beads fell to the floor. It was strange because I simply picked it up and it just snapped. I knew immediately that this was the spiritual shift that Shungite sparked showing itself in a most material way. Through the sharing of this story about the bracelet Shungite was again taking me to another level of awareness. It was showing me that maybe the reason that it was not clear as to whether the dream was about parasites or about cleansing them is because any person, situation or thing has the potential to cleanse a parasitic entity – or to be one – including ourselves. The same relationship or space or object that brought us joy and power in one moment can run its course and then become a burden or a point of pain and sorrow.

Shungite’s energy made it easier for me to let go of the things I had an overextended attachment to. I believe this “Shungite sparked shift” expanded my awareness so that I realized that I didn’t need these things any longer. I saw that letting them go didn’t mean that they didn’t serve an important purpose or that I didn’t love, enjoy and benefit from them when they were needed. I think that a big part of the resistance to release clutter or let go of toxic relationships is that these people and things are so dear to us and had been so pivotal to our existence. There may be an underlying belief that letting go of them somehow diminishes their role in our lives and cancels out the gifts they imparted. However moving on and forward doesn’t dishonour them. We can actually pay them the greatest honour by accepting their gifts and fully integrating them – which in some cases can only be done by letting go of them.

Shungite is a cleanser – it has an energy that creates a vortex that shifts and clears that which is needing to be released. It certainly had that affect on me. My home is less cluttered. My heart is less cluttered and my mind is less cluttered.

I feel as if … while I was clearing my physical space, on another level of existence … a grand space was created beyond that which I could see with my physical eyes.

Look around and see if you can notice what is there in your life that is draining you of your energy and see if it’s time to let those things go. It is a challenging thing to do – trust me I get it. But Shungite can help make the transition a lot easier. It may even help you to see the things in your life that you didn’t even realize are draining you of your energy.

The crystalline ones are magical beings. They have very brilliant ways of communicating with us and sharing their messages. They always find a way to get us to hear them. The dream and the magic that followed just after I awoke was the perfect example of this. I invite you to join our Star Song Circle this August 29th. I’m being shown that this Star Song will be in presence for 3 days.

(I Just discovered another magical connection 29 = 11 and there are 11 Shungite stones in the soap dish and that will be co-creating this Star Song. The 3 is the 3 stones that I was swimming with. There are always more connections to discover – the Universe is brilliant at weaving together these intricate stories).


Come join us in the magic and be part of this story.


Something magical happened here as the Star Song came into presence. I thought I’d already experienced the power of this essence but it surprised me yet again. A special crystal cluster family which has been moving around my home for the last couple weeks found a home in a very unexpected place last night. As soon as it landed, it began to sparkle with rainbow colours that I’d never seen before from this crystal family. I knew it had found the right spot. Then to top it all off … literally … a Shungite sphere ended up balancing beautifully on their surface. That was just the beginning … the next morning, my website transformed. It was completely unplanned and totally orchestrated. The changes shifted the whole energy of the website. I introduced Crystal Harmonies and I am extending a special offer for a limited time.