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Fall Away Star Song

The stones that volunteered for this Star Song come in harmony with the Autumn season … with the energy of releasing those things whose time has come. They shared a deep message which was inspired by those who have recently experienced a profound loss. That message is shared in the Fall Away post which came through one autumn.

The Fall Away Star Song was one of the most profoundly powerful Star Songs I have yet to experience. It left me with a gift that is magical beyond belief. Over the years I have come to see that when one moves through a deep transformation, that shift happens on all levels of existence. For instance, when there is a spiritual epiphany, there follows material physical change. Often times for me that material change is (at least partly) happens with me deep cleaning my home and moving things or clearing clutter. We need a truck for the amount of stuff that moved out this past week – and I’m not exaggerating.