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Emerald Heart Star Song

Emerald came to me in a dream. She sang to me of a love so pure and so powerful that it will open the heart as far as it can be open.  In this pure authentic experience of love, there is no vulnerability – no pain – no sorrow.  In this state of existence that we call humanity, there is much fear around love.  We fear being hurt.  But that is because we rarely have the experience of pure love.  In that pureness of loving, there is no possibility of being hurt because it is an egoless state.  This opening of the heart does not weaken the emotional body.  Rather it strengthens it like nothing else can.  Emerald comes to help guide us into this genuinely loving state of being.

A special group of Emeralds came forward to co-create this Star Song with you.  Along with the Emeralds are a copper spiral that I handmade and an ancient Roman bead.  What I’m being shown is that over centuries and many lifetimes, painful experiences can lead us to close our hearts.  But that is only because we were experiencing a fear based emotion that we equated with love.  To reopen the heart, we must remember our original state of pure and unconditional love.  The ancient bead and copper spiral are present to support the releasing of ancient patterns that keep us from opening our hearts.