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Earth Mother Star Song

“Every being in this world no matter their circumstance carries in their spirit, MOTHER LOVE. You may tap into that love in any moment and feel connected to all of creation.”  
— smadar and the stone beings 
One Mother’s Day Gaia whispered a message to me. She told me that she had a gift for me. She told me to go outside on Mother’s day and I would find it. It was the first year that my children would not be with me on Mother’s day but it was one of the most magical days I have experienced. That whispered message inspired a very special Mother’s Day Star Song that was offered as a gift. It was the MOST unique Star Song experience that I have had. Usually the essence is co-created with colour or crystals – or some other inspired element. This time what was asked for was just simply the love of each of us in the circle.  THAT’S A LOT OF LOVE : )

When I went to gift the water from the Star Song to the Earth this morning, what I saw astonished me. There were hundreds of bubbles in the water. I’ve been co-creating these Star Songs for a long time now and I’ve never seen this happen.

A message came through this magical experience which I have shared in the “A Gift from the Earth” blog.