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Crystal Forest Star Song

The energy of the TREES were coming through quite strongly one month and inspired the co-creation of this Crystal Forest Star Song. The energy of this essence was POWERFUL. Holding the vibration of the TREES and the STONES in exquisite harmony, I would expect nothing less. For me, the energy of this Star Song was about moving through deep loss, trauma and sorrow. It was a powerful energy to move through … and many feelings and fears rose up to the surface. As uncomfortable as that was, it feels really great on the other side of it. I don’t know if this star song was about the pain of loss for everyone or if it was more about releasing ANY deeply buried issues. Something to be aware of is that even residual feelings, if kept inside, will create issues in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. This Star Song is a good one to come back to when you’re feeling as if you’re needing a spiritual cleanse. We make a conscious effort to cleanse our physical bodies, but I think if we were to keep the physical/spiritual channel clear there may be less to “cleanse” on the physical level.

I co-created this Star Song twice and I felt that it made a difference. It’s difficult to describe with words, but here’s a crude example. The first time was like dredging a water body with a fine net to remove andy debris that I couldn’t get to. The second time felt as if I was doing the same thing but with an even finer net so that I could get to the debris that slipped past with the first run through.

This special trio have a wonderfully feminine presence … one a sacred vessel, one has the presence of Elephant and the other has a very tribal energy and the presence of Medicine Woman.