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Ancient Waters

A trio of Enhydro Agates came together to volunteer to co-create a very special Star Song. Held within the crystalline crust of these special Agate stones are a lucious drop of pure, unpolluted, ancient water. The waters of our planet have become quite polluted with many toxic elements from our industries and it’s become quite rare to find truly pure water. These stones have come to offer the energetic signature of this ancient natural elixir of life to remind you of that frequency so that you can integrate it into your bodies. Like our Earth, our bodies contain a large percentage of water. Water is such an energetically maleable entity that it is quite a simple matter to reintroduce the signature of this pure water. This Star Song comes into presence to gift the vibration of pure untainted water back to you.

Basking in this Star Song’s energy I noticed that I was drinking A LOT of water. It was easy to see the physical effects of this Star Song. What was more subtle was its emotional/spiritual effects. I was filled with feelings of the love and connection of community … that “neighbourly-ness” that was at the essence of old shows like The Andy Griffith Show or Leave it to Beaver. You know … that old fashioned neighbourly warmth and genuine caring. I realized that this was the gift of this precious STar Song … a depth of understanding of the interconnectedness of human community. It opened me up to feeling more deeply connected to the human race – the part of us that lies beneath race and culture, political views and religious beliefs. I was taken beyond what separates us and deep into what connects us. Now this is something that we each know at an intellectual level but this Star Song took me into the heart of this communal connection that we all share. It allowed me to FEEL this unity in a very personal way. It is quite beautiful. The most wonderful part is that I wasn’t feeling mournful for that type of connected community that is no longer common in modern society. I was feeling inspired to rekindle it.

You may feel its gift in a completely different way. Be open and the gift this Star Song has for you will be revealed.