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Soulful Woman Guidance


I consider every woman to be a soulful woman who is on a journey + my role is to assist women, to not only honour the masculine within them so that clear decisions can be made + action taken, but to also reconnect or strengthen their divine feminine self by listening to one’s own inner voice, to trust in the flow of life, regain awareness of the infinite source of abundance available and be open to one consciousness that unites us all.

During my adolescence I was drawn to aspects of the metaphysical, I remember buying my Sun Sign Yearly Horoscope book every year without fail. My Mum took me to a course that covered Numerology, Astrology, Dowsing and Palmistry. I then bought books on Numerology and Astrology as well as my first Tarot Deck. I fell in love with Numerology, Astrology and Tarot – I was hooked! However as this was well over 20 years ago, there were no on-line courses and I didn’t have a clue as to where I could study these areas any further, so the books and the Tarot deck went away.

My desire to guide and support people still remained and it led me to study Social Work and Psychology and ultimately practice as a Registered Social Worker and Psychologist. Several years ago (during a Saturn opposition) I went through a very challenging time which led me to turn to the Tarot cards as I had not touched them for around 10 years. I found them to be so nurturing, insightful and illuminating – they also stimulated access to my Higher Self as well as my Spirit Guides. This led to studies in Tarot, Astrology and Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring and as they say the rest is history – Soulful Woman Guidance came into being.

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