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Shawnnita's Art

I’m a mixed media artist by dedications, a writer, and publisher by happenstance and forever the imaginologist. My creative journey first began in 2001. Scrapbooking was on-trend and so I began experimenting creatively in that medium. The creative soul in me had found a means of expression.  And it was ‘non-traditional’ or ‘mixed media’ scrapbooking that really engaged me.


Nearly six years later, I painted my first acrylic-only piece, and quite frankly, it left a lot to be desired - even to my novice artist’s eye. Undeterred, I then began to explore the idea of transporting my mixed media art from scrapbooking page to canvas, zealously studying online classes and video tutorials determined to learn all I could.


I have after a long period of self-instruction and experimentation, I began upskilling with local artists, online artists, international travel to study abroad. I returned to Central Queensland, Australia (my home) to share with my community the joy and passion in creating with mixed media. Many techniques and processes were shared.

I started Shawnnita’s Art in 2015 sharing what I love to do through workshops, offering creative supplies and sharing the work the shows up on the pages.


In addition to creating mixed media, I also pursue several other creative endeavours. Gardening, writing and storytelling, and printmaking. I connect with colours and in my practice us many vivid colours to express my feelings in my art. Acrylics, watercolours, markers, pens, and pencils are just some of my joyful go-to items.


Most of my work born on watercolour papers with the odd patterned paper from my scrapbooking days added for just that perfect touch. Some of the work I do evolves into soft furnishings so not only are the items beautiful to look at they can also be textually pleasing in your own home.



Through my relationship with art; my confidence to pursue the joy and passion of mixed media art has bloomed allowing me to share my experience with others. My hope is that they can connect with themselves on a creative level they can embrace throughout their lifetime.



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