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Lorraine Bordiuk shares her magic through Hue-man Nature

I discovered Lorraine when I was looking for some Aura Soma magic. I was thrilled to discover that she also offers intuitive painting workshops.

Lorraine Bordiuk is an intuitive artist who is fascinated in the relationship between emotions, energy and the language of colour. Allowing energy to flow, and staying curious to what appears on the canvas, gives her art a whimsical quality. The paintings are infused with Aura-Soma® crystal and flower essences.
Personal painting facilitation in the “Allowing process” is offered to clients, one on one, or in small groups at her country studio Hue-man Nature. Lorraine’s dedication, wisdom, and kind nature makes it easy to relax and let the magic flow.

She can help you ... 

Connect to your divine feminine,
through creativity and the
language of colour.

I can assist you in allowing the
magic to flow.



Soul Art, Creative Expression intuitive painting facilitation. Coaching. Nature Trails and coloured glass house to enjoy in the beautiful Loretto countryside.

Nurture your soul.


You can contact her at Hue-man Nature